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Having a Hard Time Finding a Quality Amazon Retailer?

September 16, 2019
If your company is having a difficult time finding a retailer to sell your brand on Amazon, then look no further. ZQUARED is a unique company that has a strong history of results growing brands on Amazon. Through comprehensive planning and proactive management, ZQUARED is committed to helping your company become successful. By investing, tracking,…

Enhancing Brand Identity Through Consistent Pricing

August 9, 2019
Most people might think that a downed production line might be one of the biggest problems facing a manufacturer, and, truthfully, they might be right. But a close second is a shadowy topic known across industries as “rogue sellers”, or product resellers who buy products in bulk from manufacturers and resell them well below the…

Amazon Ad Bid Management

July 6, 2019
In the ever-changing world of Amazon, ZQUARED continually strives to be on the leading edge of leveraging technology to launch and grow brands, and maximize market share for your brand. One of the technologies on the leading edge is a more robust ad bid management tool for Amazon merchants. What is Ad Bid Management? ZQUARED…

Amazon and Sales Tax Collection

June 18, 2019
If you sell your products on Amazon, and even if you merely follow public tax policy, you know the winds of change have been blowing. Online consumers have enjoyed a no sales tax ecosystem since the courts decided in 1992 that companies did not have to charge sales tax if they did not have a…

Amazon PAT Ads

May 8, 2019
ZQUARED has an exciting new type of advertising that we are implementing for our brand partners. Amazon refers to them as PAT ads. We refer to them as "those new Amazon ads that look really cool" and we're excited to take for a spin. What Are PAT Ads? Product targeting allows you to choose specific…

Top 3 Advertising Mistakes Brands Make on Amazon

October 13, 2018
To be competitive on the Amazon marketplace, your company must continually strive to enhance its product and marketing plan to make your brand known. If your company is not growing on Amazon, you are probably making avoidable mistakes that keep you from reaching your full potential. As a preferred Amazon reseller company, ZQUARED knows how…

Tired of Amazon Sellers Not Caring About Your Brand?

September 3, 2018
Everyone wants to get their product sold on Amazon and watch their profits surge! But with all of the Amazon reseller companies out there, your brand can easily become lost in the back pages of Amazon. If you’re a company that has become disillusioned and tired of not seeing your brand in the top set…

Top 5 Headaches Selling on Amazon

August 26, 2018
Let’s face it, if you are serious about selling your products and growing your business, you need to have a strong presence on Amazon. But merely getting your products listed on Amazon can be a puzzling and time consuming task. Then, once they are listed, getting to show consistently in the “buy box” and showing…

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