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March 1, 2021
When you become a ZQUARED client, we provide access to real-time data in a single place with our proprietary dashboard, SnapShot. This data allows our clients to identify trends with insight into important metrics such as revenue, sales, returns, inventory, and Buy Box percentage. These trends and insights translate into strategic planning for continual brand…

Vetoquinol Case Study

January 15, 2021
Vetoquinol USA is a world-class developer of veterinarian-approved formulas for animal healthcare products. ZQUARED is proud to have this distinguished company as a client. Vetoquinol recognized opportunities for regaining and maintaining control of their Amazon platform, but didn't want to sell to Amazon directly. Company leadership realized they lacked the high level of expertise required…

Utilizing Amazon FBM (Fulfillment By Merchant) as a Competitive Advantage

September 2, 2020
As a seller, navigating and positioning your brand within Amazon’s competitive marketplace poses a variety of difficult challenges. Adding the complexities associated with determining the right fulfillment method for your brand is one such challenge. Amazon offers sellers two fulfillment processes: Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM). Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) allows…

Understanding Your Amazon Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)

August 10, 2020
Amazon continually rolls out new products, features and services that sellers can – and should – use to fuel brand growth on the Amazon platform. As an industry leader, ZQUARED is positioned to be on the cutting edge of utilizing and leveraging available tools to their full potential in support of our Brand Partners.  As…

How to Eliminate Rogue Buyers and Sellers on Amazon: 2020 Edition

March 30, 2020
There are two types of Amazon sellers: legitimate, authentic sellers and rogue sellers. Authentic sellers are legitimate business owners who are known by manufacturers as approved sellers of their products who adhere to all guidelines set forth by the brand. Rogue sellers are defined as any seller who is not transparent with manufacturers as to…

Amazon Video Now in Search Ads for Sponsored Brands

February 24, 2020
Amazon offers a variety of advertising options to help sellers reach their target audience and increase sales. The latest advertising option is video in search ads for sponsored brands. Video in search allows advertisers to create content-rich media that appears below the fold in the search results for select keywords that are relevant to the…

St. Louis Business Journal’s “Fast 50” For 2019: ZQUARED

January 15, 2020
No. 9 • 2018 revenue: $31.4 million • 2016-2018 change: 161.67% When brothers Zach and Chad Cornett founded Advantage Nutrition in Chad’s basement in 2010, they envisioned a brick-and-mortar retail company. That plan changed quickly when they saw the way online retail was taking off. “We realized that online ‘e-tail’ was blowing up like crazy,…

How to Optimize Amazon Product Listings

December 5, 2019
After spending countless hours researching and developing your brand and product(s), it’s finally time to start selling on Amazon and making some money! Or maybe you’ve been selling on Amazon but haven’t yet seen the uptick in sales that you’d like to see. Either way, congratulations on your dedication and entrepreneurship! If you want to…

Protect Your Amazon “Buy” Box and Enhance Your Brand With One Pricing Strategy

November 11, 2019
Between online and brick and mortar retailers, consumers have more purchasing options than ever before. They are, therefore, more likely to engage in price comparison to find the best deal. Maintaining consistent pricing through efficient minimum advertised price (MAP) standards allows sellers to enhance their brand identity. This also decreases the risk of rogue sellers…

The Importance of Merging or Removing Duplicate Amazon Listings

October 4, 2019
Establishing and maintaining a solid brand image may be difficult to achieve, but it can be done through brand consistency across all selling platforms. Ensuring that product description, key selling points, pricing, and imagery are the same – no matter what platform the product is viewed on or who the seller is – helps to…

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