Brand Spotlight: Pet Center, Inc.

November 30, 2022

Pet Center, Inc. prides itself on creating all-natural pet products that are both healthy and safe for your furry companions. Opening its doors in 1987 in California, PCI was founded because the pet industry was lacking safe and healthy alternatives to treats. The brand has been widely applauded for their continued commitment to excellence, and their Chicken Nibbles have been recognized as the official treat of the American Canine Association.



Before partnering with ZQUARED, Pet Center, Inc. experienced high levels of success in the pet industry. However, the company faced new challenges as they expanded into e-commerce.

Pet Center, Inc. initially managed their e-tail business internally. They sought out support when they began to encounter issues, specifically with selling via Amazon 1st Party (1P). This setup presented difficulties, including:

  1. Lack of price control and Amazon discounting
  2. Inconsistent brand positioning
  3. Disorganized catalog and listing structure

These problems stemmed from the struggle to enforce MAP on the Amazon platform. This issue led to listing suppression, a compromised brand image, and an inability to effectively enforce pricing policies on Amazon and beyond.

To further complicate matters, Amazon imposed high account deductions and chargebacks with little to no information on fee origin. These deductions cut into profits and left the PCI team unsure of how to address the problems. Additionally, erratic POs and Amazon payouts made financial forecasting and inventory planning particularly difficult.



PCI transitioned from a 1P relationship with Amazon to a 3P relationship with ZQUARED. This shift allowed PCI and ZQUARED to develop and enforce a revised MAP policy. Regaining control of sales prevented Amazon discounting. Consistent MAP improved relationships with authorized sellers and streamlined the brand image.

Working with ZQUARED also led to other improvements. In addition to streamlining the brand’s catalog and optimizing its product listings, the ZQ team began implementing a strategic advertising campaign. Moreover, PCI now receives payments in a timely manner and can plan ahead using accurate data while maintaining control.

ZQUARED has made my life so much easier. They made things wonderful again. We were selling directly to Amazon (1P). We realized the relief that switching over to ZQUARED brought to our company. We no longer receive random deduction fees or struggle to receive payment for our products. ZQUARED places POs, and we receive the payment on time and in the exact amount owed. Partnering with ZQUARED has also helped us keep MAP pricing in line and overall makes growing our brand a much more enjoyable process.

– Laura Griffin, National Sales Account Executive, Pet Center, Inc.