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Tips For Selling on Amazon

4 Tips for a Winning Ad Strategy

November 21, 2023
If you’re involved in marketing within an e-commerce business, you probably contemplate dozens of marketing strategy questions daily. Core to these questions is likely the big one: How can I drive traffic to my Amazon listings? It's no secret that the best e-commerce businesses sell, and sell well, on Amazon. Why? The answer is simple:…

Tips for Forecasting on Amazon

May 18, 2023
The Importance of Forecasting on Amazon You’ve done the hard part: you have an excellent product and launched your e-commerce business on Amazon. However, selling online can be volatile: even after the turbulent start-up phase, navigating demand spikes and drops can be challenging if you are not fully prepared. Forecasting is an essential tool to…

How to Effectively Use Amazon Coupons, Discounts, and Promo Codes

November 30, 2022
With inflation on the rise, consumers are becoming more price sensitive. Utilizing promotions and discounts appeals to shoppers who are looking to save and can be a powerful tool for boosting sales. Amazon offers a variety of options to sellers for discounting products, including coupons, promotional codes, and deal programs.   Amazon Coupons Amazon Coupons…

Amazon Advertising Basics

September 1, 2022
In order to effectively sell on Amazon, seller’s need to create a comprehensive digital strategy that allows them to stand out amongst the sea of competitors. While an amazing product, eye-catching imagery, and captivating product listing content are all essential to driving sales and revenue, in today’s digital environment, those elements are not enough to…

Navigating Case Management on Amazon

July 25, 2022
When a seller has an issue pertaining to their Amazon Seller Central account, they may be required to open a case in order to resolve the problem. There are a variety of common issues that would require a case to be opened with Amazon, such as account error or warning messages, issues with listings, compliance…

Amazon A+ Content

July 10, 2022
How to Create Amazon A+ Content that Sets Your Products Apart from the Competition In a highly competitive marketplace, Amazon sellers are constantly searching for the latest edge to elevate their brand, products, and sales. Amazon’s A+ Content (also referred to as Enhanced Brand Content or EBC) is a great way to highlight your product’s…

Building & Enhancing Your Brand Presence on Amazon

May 20, 2022
When you envision a checkmark on a sneaker, a gecko on a commercial, or the slogan “taste the rainbow,” did a brand immediately come to mind? Brands like Nike, Geico, and Skittles have established such widely recognized branding that many of their commercials never even mention their brand name at all, and still instantly resonate…

A Guide to Listing Optimization

May 13, 2022
Amazon listing optimization is an essential part to the success of a seller’s business. Having an optimized product detail page helps increase sales, decrease ad spend, improve conversion rates, and enhance net revenue.   Brand Consistency The first step of optimizing Amazon listings is establishing brand guidelines that will be used on all product detail…

The Amazon Buy Box

April 22, 2022
One of the terms often seen in Amazon reporting and metrics tables is the “Buy Box Percentage”, a metric that provides data on how often you are winning the sale for a particular product. The Buy Box is one of the most important aspects to capturing sales, and critically affects your chances of success on…

Addressing Suppressed and Restricted Listings

April 8, 2022
Selling on Amazon can be an exceptionally profitable business if properly set up and well managed. Many mistakenly believe that once you set up an Amazon product listing, you can simply rake in the profits without having to adjust or maintain it. However, a wide variety of potential issues can arise for various reasons including…

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