Building & Enhancing Your Brand Presence on Amazon

May 20, 2022

When you envision a checkmark on a sneaker, a gecko on a commercial, or the slogan “taste the rainbow,” did a brand immediately come to mind? Brands like Nike, Geico, and Skittles have established such widely recognized branding that many of their commercials never even mention their brand name at all, and still instantly resonate with the audience.

For selling on Amazon, carrying over and implementing strong and consistent branding is key. With an influx of sellers flooding the platform, strong brand messaging provides a way to make your product line a standout. Strategically designing your branding to resonate with your target audience can be the line that establishes a success or a failure.


The 6 Key Components of Branding

Branding is the process of creating a strong, positive awareness or perception of a company or product. The elements that contribute to brand recognition that can be broken down into six key areas:

1. Brand Identity

Brand identity is “who” the company is and what makes them recognizable to consumers. This identity includes elements such as logos, design, slogans, taglines, color palettes, font, and presentation. Presentation is how all elements of brand identity come together to form a tangible aspect of the business such as website, social media, product packaging, and advertising.

2. Brand Voice

Brand voice is the tone of voice a company uses when speaking about itself and its product offering. Consistent brand voice helps to humanize the brand, creates a connection between brand and consumer, and helps the brand stand out amongst competitors. Brand voice can be established through auditory voice or written text and serves as the brand’s personality. Using the same tone throughout all marketing collateral helps create consistency that customers will come to recognize and expect when interacting with a brand on any medium. Examples of brand voice include Chanel (sophisticated, luxurious), Ford (tough, all-American) and Old Spice (humorous, masculine).

3. Brand Targeting

Brand targeting entails identifying which market segment and type of consumer a brand is trying to reach. Market segmentation allows companies to place their offerings in the right area of the marketplace so that consumers are more likely to find and interact with their products. Understanding which market segment to target helps a seller drive consumers to their Amazon listings, which could ultimately lead to higher revenues.

After choosing which segment of the market to target, consumer segmentation is based on identifying characteristics of ideal customers. These characteristics can include age, sex, income level, geographic location, interests, preferences, purchase history, and more. Amazon sellers must know their customers to ensure they are properly positioning their products in the marketplace.

4. Brand Positioning

Brand positioning refers to how a brand differentiates itself from competitors and how it is viewed in the eyes of consumers within their target market. Sellers can leverage a variety of brand positioning strategies to influence consumer awareness and loyalty by understanding the wants and needs of their audience. For example, brands can set themselves apart from the competition through personalized marketing efforts, top-tier customer service, or by selling a product that has more advanced features than other competitors on the market.

5. Brand Values

Brand values define what a company stands for and what customers can expect when they choose to interact with that brand. When a brand abides by its values, it sets a standard of expectation that builds consumer confidence. Today, a brand’s presentation and adherence to its mission along with its contributions to society is becoming increasingly important in the eyes of consumers. According to one study, 84% of Americans believe that businesses have a responsibility to bring social change on important issues.

6. Brand Promise

Brand promise is defined as the experience or value a customer can expect to receive each time they interact with your company. Much like brand values, clearly defining company standards and then demonstrating those standards to your customers helps establish trust and commitment.


Why Is Branding Essential on Amazon?

Creating a consistent, appealing, and engaging brand on Amazon is essential to standing out amongst the oversaturated crowd of competitors. Sellers should devote time and resources to creating an Amazon brand strategy that includes recognizable product packaging, competitive pricing, cohesive marketing content, and attentive customer service. Ensuring that their Amazon presence aligns with all other customer touchpoints – i.e. website, social media, retail presence – creates the opportunity for brand recognition across all mediums.


The ZQUARED Advantage

ZQUARED provides our Brand Partners with custom Amazon branding guidelines that drive optimization through marketing and strategy execution. Additionally, we ensure that all content is accurate and consistent across all product listings.

Our services also include end-to-end solutions that focus on growing our clients’ businesses through advanced brand optimization and marketing, strategy execution, proprietary technology, forecasting tools, logistical support, product distribution, and more.

To learn how ZQUARED can help you stay ahead in the Amazon game, request a comprehensive assessment of your Amazon channel from our Amazon Investment Partnership Team. You will receive audit results focused on your listings, category, competitors, reseller landscape and more with an individually-tailored strategic plan designed to capitalize on opportunities.



ZQUARED invests in brands who sell on Amazon and are poised and ready for growth. Born from a service mindset, our passion is partnering with your team to help you navigate the online retail space in a way never imagined. With more than a decade of industry-leading experience selling on Amazon, we form relationships rooted in collaboration to maximize value and achieve results.

Our Amazon Investment Partnership Team will perform a comprehensive audit of your Amazon channel strengths and weaknesses. You will receive audit results focused on your listings, category, competitors, reseller landscape and more with an individually-tailored strategic plan designed to capitalize on opportunities.

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