Navigating Case Management on Amazon

July 25, 2022

When a seller has an issue pertaining to their Amazon Seller Central account, they may be required to open a case in order to resolve the problem. There are a variety of common issues that would require a case to be opened with Amazon, such as account error or warning messages, issues with listings, compliance violations, inventory issues, returns, and more. For these reasons, case management is a vital, yet complex part of selling on Amazon.


What Is Amazon Case Management?

After a seller experiences an issue with their account and they open a case to correct the problem, that case is received by Amazon Seller Support and a ticket is created. This dedicated team within Amazon can be reached by email, phone, or chat, and will work with sellers to address their needs. Open tickets can be found within the Seller Central Help section under “Case Log”.

Certain issues raised with Seller Support may require escalation to specialized teams that handle complex and time-critical situations. Just like any large company’s Customer Service team, the front-line workers often have scripted responses, so escalation to the next level may be necessary for issues requiring more advanced support.


What Seller Support Can and Can’t Help With

Seller Support will typically be able to provide guidance or rectification for:

  • Product page changes
  • FBA and Inventory issues
  • Damaged customer returns
  • Delayed or failed disbursements
  • Compliance violations
  • Customer disputes
  • Feedback removal
  • Account security breaches
  • Error messages

Depending on the complexity of the ticket, Seller Support may not be able to handle the ticket request and will need to escalate the case to Performance Support for further assistance. For example, if a seller’s account or ASIN is restricted, Seller Support will not be able to help rectify the issue by appealing the action or reinstating the account. Rather, the ticket will need to be escalated to Performance Support, and they will need to review the ticket and reasoning for account or ASIN restriction. After review, they will then decide on how to proceed by either confirming the restriction or by asking the seller for a Plan of Action to rectify Amazon’s reasoning for restriction.


Challenges of Contacting Seller Support

As one of the largest online retailers, it is not unreasonable to surmise that Amazon Seller Support is receiving thousands of seller cases on a daily basis. With such a large influx of seller issues to rectify, Seller Support often has challenges that hinder their ability to provide complete solutions.

Many times, an open case with Seller Support will take days, weeks or sometimes even months to resolve depending on the nature of the issue. To minimize the amount of time spent opening and re-opening support requests, it’s important to follow a few best practices:

  1. Provide all of the relevant information in as much detail as possible in your original case.
  2. Attach relevant documentation or screenshots that support your request or help explain the issue.
  3. When relevant, make sure to include detailed product information, including ASIN, FNSKU, product detail page link and product name.


The ZQUARED Advantage

ZQUARED provides brand partners with complete Amazon platform management that helps minimize challenges associated with Case Management. Even experienced Amazon sellers frequently encounter issues, which is why having a dedicated team of experts is invaluable to any seller.

We have a close relationship with Amazon representatives and are able to navigate the complexities of Seller Support and Seller Performance quickly and efficiently to rectify issues and maximize sales results. Our teams manage all aspects of the Amazon platform: design, fulfillment, product listings, enhanced brand content, headline and sponsored ads, MAP violations, and even social media marketing. Though understanding all aspects of this sales channel can be overwhelming, we break down every aspect of a brand and create a plan to help you achieve success on the Amazon platform.

To learn how ZQUARED can help you stay ahead in the Amazon game, request a comprehensive assessment of your Amazon channel from our Amazon Investment Partnership Team. You will receive audit results focused on your listings, category, competitors, reseller landscape and more with an individually-tailored strategic plan designed to capitalize on opportunities.



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