Top 3 Advertising Mistakes Brands Make on Amazon

October 13, 2018

To be competitive on the Amazon marketplace, your company must continually strive to enhance its product and marketing plan to make your brand known.

If your company is not growing on Amazon, you are probably making avoidable mistakes that keep you from reaching your full potential. As a preferred Amazon reseller company, ZQUARED knows how important it is to emphasize key features in your brand that make it unique from other brands.

If you want to grow your company, understanding common advertising mistakes on Amazon is essential. Below are the most common advertising mistakes brands make on Amazon, and how to avoid them in order to grow a successful business.

3 Advertising Mistakes Brands Make on Amazon

Mistake #1: Not investing enough in the advertising campaign of the product

One of the biggest mistakes brands make is not investing enough in their Amazon ads. This is done by creating well-crafted strategies for each product.

Investing in the advertising plan over time is key. Key metrics are provided by Amazon in order to make specific adjustments that result in more sales. Additionally, monitoring the advertising strategies of your competitor brands will ensure that you are staying up to date on the latest changes in your market.

To get your brand known, companies need to take a comprehensive approach to their advertising program. For significant programs with many product listings, it can take a team of professionals to make an advertising campaign productive in comparison with its competitors. If your product is seasonal, understanding when to run advertising campaigns for optimal results throughout the year is a pivotal component in making your brand known.

Mistake #2: Not focusing on keywords

Another mistake brands make on Amazon is not understanding the keywords or terms customers are searching search for products in your company’s market. Monitoring this data and adjusting your advertisements accordingly will help your company invest properly in your advertising campaigns.

Amazon has created its own algorithm of common keywords that lead to your product and you have the option of maintaining that default setting. However, it is critical that your company keep a record of what words customers commonly use to search for products in your market, despite Amazon’s algorithm. This effort allows you to tailor your advertisements and product descriptions using keywords that are most commonly used when customers search for your product. Additionally, instead of choosing Amazon’s default settings to ‘broad’ keywords, your brand can make the decision to change the settings to the ‘exact’ or ‘phrase’ options which can lead consumers directly to your product.

The bottom line: when interested customers are searching for “your” keywords, your product needs to be seen by them. If your product listing is not created correctly, you will continually miss out on sales as your prospective customers find your competitors’ products instead of yours.

Mistake #3: Not adjusting to incoming data

The third biggest mistake brands make is not taking the time to analyze data from Amazon’s updated features and customer reports concerning your products. Staying up to date with the changes Amazon makes concerning advertisements, policies, and membership with help you adjust your product advertisements and marketing strategy accordingly. And as the old saying goes, there are three certainties in life – death, taxes, and Amazon continually changing or adding to their policies.

Additionally, your advertising team needs to constantly monitor your customer reports to ensure alignment with your target audience. Reading the data of customer evaluations, documenting the data received from reviews, comments, sales, and returns will help you tailor your product to meet the needs of your customers.

ZQUARED Helps Your Company Avoid These Common Mistakes

ZQUARED has the expertise your company is looking for to make your brand soar on Amazon. The team of professio nals at ZQUARED has years of experience growing brands on Amazon. They take the guesswork out of trying to figure out what it takes to make your brand grow, and know what pitfalls you should avoid to reach success.

Creating beautiful product listings and drafting optimized and highly-effective expanded brand content for each product set ZQUARED apart.

Another feature that distinguished ZQUARED is they use their own dollars to advertise your product. ZQUARED uses their experience to run highly optimized and productive ads (with your review and approval) to help grow your business!

ZQUARED understands the common mistakes made by many reseller companies, and helps you avoid them by investing in your company and your product. In the competitive world of Amazon, you need the expertise and partnership ZQUARED provides to be successful. Call them today at 234-ZQUARED (978-2733) to learn more.