Amazon PAT Ads

May 8, 2019

ZQUARED has an exciting new type of advertising that we are implementing for our brand partners. Amazon refers to them as PAT ads. We refer to them as “those new Amazon ads that look really cool” and we’re excited to take for a spin.

What Are PAT Ads?

Product targeting allows you to choose specific products, categories, brands, or other product features that are similar to the product in your ad. Using this strategy helps shoppers find your product when browsing detail pages and categories, or when searching products on Amazon.

For example, if the product in your ad is a Nike Flex shoe for women, you can choose to target the category “women’s running shoes” for all search results and detail pages relevant to this category. You can also choose to target “Adidas” because it’s a brand similar to Nike. You can also target price points, star reviews, or variations of similar products.

Categories tab

In the categories tab, you can target suggested categories that are based on relevance to your ad product. You can also search by category, or you can browse categories listed below the search field. You can also refine categories by brand, price range, and review star ratings.

Products tab

In the products tab, you can target suggested individual products that are similar to the product in your ad. You can also search for specific products in the search field.

How does ZQUARED use the PAT ads for your brand?

ZQUARED has identified a couple of different strategies to use for this attack. Here is an overview for them.

• Brand “re-launch”: Target similar products or brands and ride their searches. This will give us immediate reach with people looking for our product.

• Capture Market Share: Attack your competitors and capture market share from them. We will further develop a clear picture of which brands or products are being considered against ours, advertise against them to see how we fare.’

You can certainly do this yourself and get fair results. But you will need to do that while you juggle the 1 trillion other things you have to handle as a brand selling on Amazon. But perhaps abetter strategy is to partner with ZQUARED and benefit from our more than 50 years combined experience selling products on Amazon.

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