Tired of Amazon Sellers Not Caring About Your Brand?

September 3, 2018

Everyone wants to get their product sold on Amazon and watch their profits surge! But with all of the Amazon reseller companies out there, your brand can easily become lost in the back pages of Amazon. If you’re a company that has become disillusioned and tired of not seeing your brand in the top set of choices for your product category, you need a change. It is time to stop grumbling and wondering if there is a better solution. There is…in the form of proven, dedicated and invested-in-your-success Amazon brand sellers.

Now the trick is: how do you find them? This article will show you how.

Finding a Company that Makes Amazon Care About Your Brand

1. Choose experience you can trust. When trying to select a company to grow your brand, expertise in the field is an essential component. You want a company that has experience working with successful resellers and who understands the risks and opportunities associated with making your brand known.

It is critical that you choose a dedicated team of professionals that has years of experience evaluating your industry, your competitors, and your current status on Amazon. Do they understand how to assess your opportunities? Will they work hard (and intelligently) to create robust, optimized, and successful product listing to meet the demands of your market. The team must have successful results in and be able to evaluate potential risks and opportunities for the future of your brand.

2. Pick a company that is invested in your product. Picking a company that measures its success based on how well your product performs is not easy because there are not many out there. But they are there, however rare, and when found are an invaluable partner. This unique feature is key to a trusting relationship with the reseller company. When a company’s success depends on the growth of your brand on Amazon, you can be assured that they will create a marketing strategy that creates optimal results. It is rare that reseller companies actually buy your product at an agreed-upon price, and then take the financial risk of selling your product, all while complying with your MAP and never undercutting your pricing.

Picking a company that is willing to take the risk to send you a check and buy your product and then work to grow your brand is the foundational component to building a trusting and long lasting relationship with the reseller.

Some of these partners even spend their own money to advertise your brand.

Some of these top-tier resellers are further incentivised to grow your brand because they use their own money to advertise your products on Amazon. Investing in your product – and your long-term success – ensures they are dedicated to making your brand grow on Amazon.

3. Select a company with live results. Finding a company that displays real-time the results of your product sales is also a rare occurrence. Selecting a reseller partner that tracks every single product sale, order, and return – and provides a 24/7 portal for you to see the results – sets them apart from other resellers. Having a live portal allows you to access the success of your brand. A partner that provides this visibility demonstrates their straightforward and transparent approach to growing your business – refreshing.

Being able to track your company’s sales and earnings immediately allows for planning, forecasting and adjustments to be made to grow your product sales.

4. Open communication is key. You don’t want a company that invests in your product and then leaves you in the dark. It’s important that there is an open communication line through the entire process of growing your brand and sales on Amazon. It is important to find a company that is passionate about all aspects of your product. How do you know? Ask for references and read their reviews.

Being able to have open communication about your brand and its marketing strategy every step of the way will allow you to feel confident in the growth of your brand.

ZQUARED – Topline Amazon Retailer With Industry-Leading Results (with long-term, very happy clients)

ZQUARED is a team of professionals with years of experience growing many brands on Amazon. They have unrivaled expertise making your brand known – and driving accelerated sales – on Amazon. But what makes them even more unique is that they invest in your company’s success.

They take the guesswork out of trying to figure out how to make your brand one of the top sellers on the Amazon market. They do not charge you a fee; they buy your product from you at a price that makes sense for you. Then they create beautiful product listings with content to connect with your target audience.

The ZQUARED team is dedicated to making your product known, because they are invested in the success. Yes, there is a way to breakout and accelerated from your competitors on Amazon – ZQUARED will help you get there.