Brand Spotlight: Vetoquinol

January 15, 2022


Prior to working with ZQUARED, Vetoquinol sought a partner to help with Amazon’s lack of an IMAP (Internet minimum advertised price) agreement. Vetoquinol saw an opportunity to have a fulfillment partner that could work hand in hand with all of Vetoquinol USA’s business unit teams. They began a relationship with ZQUARED, and together focused on:



ZQUARED worked with Vetoquinol to develop a plan to efficiently update the Amazon platform and take it to the next level. In addition to laying a strong foundation by streamlining the catalog and optimizing listings quickly, ZQUARED developed a comprehensive branding guide to ensure Amazon messaging was consistent across all marketing channels.

“ZQUARED also provided the end user with a streamlined brand experience that is truly representative of our company.”



Working closely with ZQUARED, Vetoquinol now reaps full benefits from the Amazon sales channel rather than sharing profits with multiple resellers who made no investment back into the brand.

Vetoquinol also monitors their Amazon analytics via Snapshot, ZQUARED’s proprietary cloud-based program that aggregates all relevant information into an easy-to-use dashboard. With 24/7 access to real-time Amazon data, Vetoquinol analyzes the numbers and trends to develop informed strategies. Vetoquinol has been able to realize financial gains in the e-commerce space as a result of the market awareness they’ve worked so hard to generate rather than funneling sales to third parties.



Since partnering with ZQUARED in 2018, Vetoquinol has experienced tremendous growth year over year, approximately 50%.

MAP compliance has also increased by upwards of 20% due to ZQUARED’s diligence in monitoring MAP and notifying Vetoquinol of violators who negatively impact the brand.

“Their service is best described as turnkey. We hand them what we have, and they turn it into what Amazon needs—and then some.”



“ZQUARED’s attention to all details is evident, their approach is creative, and their perspective is ever-evolving. With no service fees and no strict margin requirement, ZQ met our budget and limitations, allowing us to form a true partnership through compromise that meets both of our needs and objectives.”

“ZQ matches our company’s values: both are family-owned and operate at a cross-functional level with a strong work ethic.”