Brand Spotlight: Crossrope

February 12, 2022


Crossrope offered products on Amazon but was unfamiliar with Prime, FBA and how to create a merchant storefront. They didn’t have the time or energy to remove experts in the Amazon field, and were looking for a partner who could handle the entire process.

“ZQUARED’s Inc. 5000 Award is a testament to a fast-moving company and forward-thinking mentality.”

As Amazon became increasingly complex, Crossrope knew they needed help to build business within the channel.



The ZQUARED team developed a cohesive approach for Amazon management to achieve the goals of increased revenue and sales rank. Tactics for achieving these goals included listing optimization, advertising strategies and reseller control.

“Not having to worry about being AMZ experts is so nice and such a relief. We can focus on growing other aspects of our business.” — Crossrope

ZQUARED brought their expertise, trustworthiness and reliability to the table. The all-in-one solution ZQUARED presented far outweighed the benefits of attempting to manage Amazon on their own.



For Crossrope, ZQUARED offers unmatched value for comprehensive, expert Amazon service. The all-in-one approach of selling product directly to ZQUARED in exchange for complete channel management is a unique business model that makes selling on Amazon as easy as possible.

Crossrope is 100% content in their decision to sell product on Amazon exclusively through ZQUARED; there is no reason to have multiple resellers on their listings, as doing so muddies the channel.

The brand also uses ZQUARED’s proprietary reporting dashboard, Snapshot to check numbers daily and stay in tune with channel updates.



Crossrope has experienced tremendous growth since partnering with ZQUARED. When they initially reached out in 2015, their Amazon sales were less than 100 units per month on average. By 2020, they had realized an increase of 116% in year-over-year sales, averaging more than 2,500 units per month. Today, ZQUARED continues to support Crossrope’s strong sales numbers and defends their value through strategic advertising campaigns.

“Working with ZQUARED is like pushing the Easy Button” — Crossrope