Brand Spotlight: Animal Necessity

June 14, 2022

Animal Necessity is a successful company in the pet health category that focuses on delivering high-quality supplements to veterinary health professionals and pet owners around the world. Their Ocu-GLO® Vision Supplement, developed by board-certified veterinary ophthalmologists, is specifically formulated to support canine eyes.



Before partnering with ZQUARED, Animal Necessity’s growing recognition in the pet space began to attract unauthorized resellers. They also experienced trademark infringement issues on the platform and were struggling to identify and remove rogue sellers to avoid misrepresentation of their products and brand.



In collaboration with Animal Necessity’s management team, ZQUARED put processes into place to quickly identify unauthorized resellers and created a plan of action for efficiently removing them. Additionally, the team developed a plan for streamlining their product catalog, optimizing their product detail pages, designing an Amazon Storefront, and implementing aggressive advertising strategies to encourage further growth and solidify Animal Necessity’s presence on the platform.

“ZQUARED helped us make reseller problems go away.”

– Jeff Montgomery, CTO of Animal Necessity



The strategies implemented positioned Animal Necessity for growth on Amazon. The team tackled problems relating to rogue sellers, listing presentation, and advertising. Additionally, ZQUARED worked with the Animal Necessity team to address a variety of issues, including duplicate listings, missing variations, and a disorganized product catalog inside of Seller Central.



Since partnering with ZQUARED, Animal Necessity has experienced consistent sales and revenue growth year over year. A streamlined catalog, increased brand control and optimized advertising campaigns all contributed to a positive trajectory for the brand. After working with ZQUARED for a period of time and experiencing such positive results, Animal Necessity made the decision to make an exclusive reseller agreement with ZQUARED due to the trust and transparency built. Today, ZQUARED and Animal Necessity enjoy a long-standing, mutually beneficial partnership, experiencing continued success in 2022.

“ZQUARED really understands every aspect of the Amazon channel, from Brand Registry to listing optimization to ad spend. Our exclusive partnership provides clear, concise data for strategic planning and allows us to implement powerful, streamlined advertising. Our teams work together to implement strategic plans, and we trust ZQUARED with our brand.”

– Jeff Montgomery, CTO of Animal Necessity