Amazon Seller’s Policy & Code of Conduct: Updated November 2021

December 20, 2021


Amazon has provided updated “Selling Policies and Seller Code of Conduct” guidelines for November 2021 that all sellers are expected to adhere to when listing products on Amazon. Neglecting to adhere to these policies may result in suspension of the seller’s Amazon account.


Seller Code of Conduct

This policy requires that sellers act fairly and honestly on Amazon to ensure a safe buying and selling experience. All sellers must:

  • Provide accurate information to Amazon and our customers at all times
  • Act fairly and not misuse Amazon’s features or services
  • Not attempt to damage or abuse another Seller, their listings or ratings
  • Not attempt to influence customers’ ratings, feedback, and reviews
  • Not send unsolicited or inappropriate communications
  • Not contact customers except through Buyer-Seller Messaging
  • Not attempt to circumvent the Amazon sales process
  • Not operate more than one selling account on Amazon without a legitimate business need
  • Not engage in conduct that violates price fixing laws


Provide Accurate Information to Amazon and Our Customers at All Times

Amazon has outlined that all seller’s must provide accurate information to Amazon and their customers, and update that information if it changes. Amazon is requiring that seller’s must use a business name that accurately identifies their business and list their products in the correct category.

In a previous blog post, we illustrated how there are two types of Amazon sellers: legitimate, authentic sellers and rogue sellers.

  • Authentic sellers are legitimate business owners who are known by manufacturers as approved sellers of their products who adhere to all guidelines set forth by the brand.
  • Rogue sellers are defined as any seller who is not transparent with manufacturers as to who they are as a company and who often violate guidelines set by the brand, specifically minimum advertised price (MAP).

Amazon is aiming to provide more transparency to buyers by minimizing the number of rogue sellers who provide vague information for their seller name and address to misguide buyers. Rogue sellers have been an issue for Amazon, authentic sellers, and buyers as they create problems for manufacturers and brands by undercutting minimum advertised price (MAP), creating supply chain issues, and providing damaged goods to buyers. These issues can severely damage a brand’s image and reputation, leading to both manufacturer and reseller competition and revenue issues.


Not Operate More Than One Selling Account on Amazon Without a Legitimate Business Need

Amazon clearly states that sellers may only maintain one Seller Central account for each region in which they sell unless they have a legitimate business need to open a second account and that all seller accounts must remain in good standing. If any the seller’s accounts are not in good standing, Amazon has the authority to deactivate all of your selling accounts until all accounts are in good standing.

To build upon the issues of rogue sellers, it has been found that these types of illegitimate sellers create multiple LLCs in states that protect registrar information. This practice hurts manufacturers, other sellers in the same product space, and, ultimately, buyers.


Not Engage in Conduct That Violates Price Fixing Laws

Amazon states that collusion amongst competitors to raise, lower, or stabilize prices violates competitiveness in the marketplace and provides an unfair advantage to other sellers. Additionally, Amazon has noted that “attempting to increase the price of a product after an order is confirmed” also violates it’s “Price Fixing Laws”.


Ratings, Feedback, and Reviews

Amazon is working to stop sellers from artificially attempting to improve their products ratings, feedback, and reviews, which has previously been achieved by paying or offering an incentive in exchange for providing or removing feedback or reviews. Amazon has had a long running systemic issue with seller’s offering products for free or at discount in exchange for positive feedback and reviews in order to elevate their search rank. Amazon is working to quell these issues to provide buyers with transparent information when making a purchase decision.



Rogue sellers have been a long-standing issue for Amazon, manufacturers, resellers, and buyers. As a top seller on Amazon, ZQUARED helps companies through a two-way process: by helping manufacturers identify and eliminate rogue sellers on Amazon and through inbound protection that verifies new reseller submissions for wholesaler accounts.

Our networks work collaboratively, and we have thousands of rogue buyer and seller accounts in our database system, so every time we identify a rogue buyer who may be supplying rogue sellers, we not only classify a buyer’s account as rogue, but we also flag every associated Amazon account and work with the manufacture to cut off their network from making future purchases.

Based on our findings, we send all relevant information to the manufacturer with our recommendations on how to proceed, and the manufacture then decides whether or not they should allow that company to sell their products.

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