March 1, 2021

When you become a ZQUARED client, we provide access to real-time data in a single place with our proprietary dashboard, SnapShot.

This data allows our clients to identify trends with insight into important metrics such as revenue, sales, returns, inventory, and Buy Box percentage. These trends and insights translate into strategic planning for continual brand growth.


SnapShot aggregates data for all products ZQUARED sells on behalf of a brand via the Amazon sales channel while tracking financial, inventory and traffic details.

Accessing these important details in one portal and having the ability to manipulate data based on affecting factors, such as date ranges, helps our clients understand their sales channel overall.

For example, SnapShot graphs data to show how reseller Buy Box performance positively or negatively correlates with revenue and sales trends or identify product issues based on an increased number of returns within a certain time period.

While a Seller Central account owner can access many of these stats, pulling them together from multiple reports can be a manual and cumbersome process with holes that often paint only a partial picture of a brand’s performance.

ZQUARED Dashboard

If you want a full picture of your business on Amazon, created by the most experienced Amazon retailers in the industry, and you don’t want to hassle with trying to pull data from multiple sources only to find it is incomplete, then ZQUARED SnapShot is for you. 


Our company was born from a service mindset. Our passion is helping you navigate the online retail space in a way never before imagined. With years of industry-leading experience selling on Amazon, our team’s primary goal is helping you achieve success.

We have solutions for managing all aspects of the Amazon platform: design, fulfillment, product listings, enhanced brand content, headline and sponsored ads, MAP violations, and even social media marketing. Though understanding all aspects of this sales channel can be overwhelming, we break down every aspect of your brand and what you will need to increase sales on Amazon.

To learn more about how ZQUARED and its proprietary Dashboard can help drive your success on Amazon, contact ZQUARED at 234-ZQUARED (978-2733), fill out our Contact Us form here, or email us at partners@zquared.com.