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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Do you require exclusives?

    No. Each brand is unique, and we can work with your existing situation. However, growth on Amazon is proportionate to brand control. Without it, intentional growth becomes significantly reduced.


    Can you help me with rogue sellers?

    Yes. ZQUARED specializes in helping your brand identify rogue sellers who are devaluing your product. Our team can expose inventory patterns, sideways accounts, and buying networks to help you re-gain control.


    Do you sell FBA (fulfilled by Amazon)?

    Yes. We sell any product (non-hazmat) through Amazon’s massive fulfillment network. We also sell merchant fufilled prime from our warehouse in St. Louis, including hazardous materials.


    How do I know if my products are selling on Amazon?

    ZQUARED provides you with your own sales and inventory dashboard to track your success on Amazon. You can login 24/7 and get realtime results for each of your SKUs. You never have to worry again about inventory levels with the proprietary ZQUARED dashboard.


    What if there are customer service issues. Who handles them?

    ZQUARED is the seller of the product and is fully staffed to handle any and all customer service questions that may come in from Amazon consumers. If we can’t answer the consumer’s question, we come directly to you for the solution. We pride ourselves in industry-leading customer care and have received a 100% customer rating performance since 2010.


    Are you a distributor?

    No. ZQUARED sells all products directly through our own seller account across all platforms.


    What are ZQUARED’s payment options?

    We pay for product using whatever form of payment method that works best for you.


    Do you handle Interstate Sales Tax Compliance laws?

    All brands products have the relief of knowing sales made through ZQUARED’s account are in compliance with the new interstate sales tax laws – including franchise and income taxes.


    Does ZQUARED sell globally and across multiple platforms?

    With one wholesale order, your brand has the choice of global expansion. We sell across two continents with the capability of leveraging all of Amazon’s infrastructure and Prime abilities We also sell across multiple platforms, including Walmart.



  • How do I know when our inventory levels are low and need to be replenished?

    ZQUARED provides access to your free dashboard that shows you realtime sales and inventory 24/7. We can even set up alerts at predetermined inventory levels to make sure you never run low of product for your customers.


    If we want to replenish our inventory, will ZQUARED always buy more from us?

    ZQUARED is in the business of making you successful. To do that, we need to sell more and more of your product…which means we need to BUY more and more of your product. As long as you work with ZQUARED, we will be buying product from you.


    What about returns?

    ZQUARED handles all returns for you. And we do it with industry-leading customer service to ensure your customers always feel great about your brand.


    What if we have production issues and have to let our inventory lapse for a short period of time?

    Not to worry. ZQUARED understands that production and sales don’t always align. Your product listings are temporarily removed from Amazon (Amazon’s rules) but immediately reappear once inventory is replenished.

  • How do we get our product to ZQUARED?

    After ZQUARED purchases your product, we provide you with our UPS or FedEx account number and have your product shipped to our warehouse.


    What happens after we ship our product to ZQUARED? How long until it is available on Amazon?

    ZQUARED wants to get your products on Amazon just as badly as you do! Once it arrives in our warehouse, our talented and professional packing team ensures each product is expertly packed and labeled to ensure 100% compliance with Amazon. We then ship your product to designated Amazon shipping facilities across the country based on Amazon’s instructions on which location they require your products.


    Do we need to do any special labeling or packaging before sending our product to ZQUARED?

    No, we do it all for you. It really couldn’t be simpler. Our expert packers and distributors know exactly how Amazon wants products labeled and packaged. It is what we do, and we make sure your products are beautifully presented when they ultimately arrive at your customer’s doorstep!


    Will ZQUARED make sure our products are available for Amazon Prime and Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)?

    Yes and Yes! This is one of the significant advantages to partnering with ZQUARED. You can take advantage of our Amazon-integrated relationship and immediately be eligible for Prime and FBA shipping. And because of that, ZQUARED is able to use our own dollars to advertise your products on Amazon!

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