Amazon Prime Day 2021

May 23, 2021

Prime Day is quickly approaching, and you’re invited to participate! Amazon Prime Day 2020 marked the two biggest days ever for small and medium businesses in Amazon’s stores worldwide. Independent third-party sellers — most of which are small and medium-sized businesses — surpassed $3.5 billion in sales on Prime Day — a nearly 60% increase over Prime Day 2019, growing even more than Amazon’s retail business.

Every year, Prime Day is a huge hit with customers. This year, Amazon will provide a wide-range of marketing, both on- and offsite, for Prime Day that could drive customers and sales to amazing deals.

ZQUARED will set up and monitor sales on behalf of your brand; your brand is responsible for covering all costs associated with running promotions.

Below is a quick overview of the different types of promotions you can offer and the features of each. We have ranked them in order of our recommendation.


• Can set to a $ or % discount

• Cost to run = cost of discount + .60 fee/coupon redemption

• Displays the discount amount on listing results, making it stand out

• A discount of at least 5% required but no limits otherwise

• Sets a budget and auto spends up to 80% to keep from going over

• Can run any time you choose

• Amazon shoppers can discover coupons:

• 0n Amazon’s Coupons homepage

• in their search results

• in your Brand Store

• in their shopping cart

• on the Offer Listings page

• on product pages

• in your Sponsored Products ads

Discount Codes

• Must be set to a % discount of at least 5%

• You may select the discount code, 8-12 characters (unique to Amazon)

• No redemption fee

• Typically requires an outside marketing push to drive traffic

Lightning Deals

• Costs $150-$300/campaign

• Requires a higher minimum discount

• Do not typically recommend based on our experience

What we need from you:

Let us know what type of promotion(s) you would like to offer for each brand, along with the discount you would like to provide. We will set up and monitor the promotions on your behalf, and our inventory team will pull data to be sure we are well-stocked to back the promotions from an inventory perspective.

Are you interested in other services provided by ZQUARED? Watch this short video to see how we can help your business grow on Amazon.