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Advanced Technology

Monitor Sales

Nothing is more important to the pulse of a business than sales. With Zquared’s Dashboard you have 24/7 access to your business’ heartbeat. Sort sales by any timeframe, product and more so that you know where your revenue levels are headed at anytime, day or night.

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Inventory Forecasting

Know which products you need to stock ahead of time, not late in the game when it’s too late. With Amazon Prime shipping speeds it’s imperative that you don’t fall behind when it comes to inventory. Our software allows you to constantly stay on top of stocking your products so no one ever has to unnecessarily wait on your awesome product.

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Downloadable Reports

Data isn’t much good unless you can work with it and use it. Any report inside the Dashboard can be easily downloaded so that you or your managers can be prepared for financial meetings and/or presentations. You’re always one click away from a spreadsheet with the exact data you want.

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Proprietary Software

  • Sales
  • Inventory
  • Distribution
  • Sales Notifications

    This is maybe the most important feature of the Dashboard, and the one that feels the best. Get pinged daily, weekly or monthly of sales notifications. Customize the alerts to your liking.

    Product Filtering

    Sometimes you just want to know how one specific product is performing. With the Dashboard you can. Easily sort reports by specific products to get valuable insight into how a particular product is moving.

    Financial Projections

    The Dashboard automatically creates financial forecasts with the click of a button. Understand the health of your business quickly. Having access to these figures helps you make timely business decisions.

  • Logistical Support

    Whether it's a question, comment or concern about your Dashboard data, we're available and ready to provide solutions.

    Out Of Stock Alerts

    Customize your out of stock alerts so that you are notified about low inventory level in a timeframe that you are comfortable with.

    SKU Management

    Add, subtract and edit SKUs and their details to match the correct records. SKUs don't change very often, but when they do rest assured you can update your data in the Dashboard.

  • Custom Label Printing

    If you're going to work with Amazon efficiently you better have an answer for the shipping labels required. We built custom systems that allow our staff to pull and pack your product fast.

    Tracking Codes

    Your customers will be able to track their packages from the second they leave our warehouse all the way to the time they arrive at their doorstep.

    On Time Delivery

    The end result of the technology that we have created and implemented at Zquared is safe, on time delivery to your customers.

ZQUARED Dashboard

Increase Your Sales

Average Client Sales Growth
Positive Customer Feedback
Units Shipped in the Past 12 Months
Commitment From the ZQUARED Team
“The work that ZQUARED has done for our Amazon 3P business is impressive. We started working with them in 2015 and they were instrumental in cleaning up our Amazon channel and optimizing our listings. As a small business finding such a great partner who is knowledgeable about amazon .com on multiple levels was a huge help. They know how to navigate an ever-changing sales environment, and our sales have increased significantly as a result.”
Spring Faussett
Owner & Founder
“From the first day, ZQUARED has shown incredible agility and was integral in making our brand available on Amazon. It has been great working with a small, but highly capable team, in a sea of Amazon re-sellers. ZQUARED took the time to understand the most important parts of our brand to make sure it was reflected in our listing and strategy from the beginning. They continue to provide great insight for Amazon growth and strategy as we continue to increase our sales on Amazon.”
Josh Haskins
Assoc. Director of Sales
“ZQUARED has done a phenomal job with Freeze Sleeve on various fronts, from educating us on the Amazon platform to onboarding of our product and content, and keeping us up-to-date on each step of the process. The entire team is amazing, and we are excited to build on what we’ve created so far in 2018.”
Jon Peteson

Mobile Friendly. Always Available.

Anytime. Anywhere.

What good is technology that you can't take with you in your pocket. The Zquared Dashboard is mobile friendly and always available at your fingers tips. The Dashboard is Uber and airplane ready.

Run Your Business from Your Phone

Leverage the fact that your business data is constantly available to you. Our customers can make business decisions on the go because they are well informed literally all the time.

Team Collaboration

Add your team to the Dashboard so that you, the business owner, aren't the only one "in the know". All department heads can have eyes on the logistical data and reporting.

Inventory Notifications

Setup custom inventory notifications so that any one product never gets too low. You can sleep well knowing that "Out of Stock" will never show in your Amazon store.

Ready to Boost Your Sales?

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