How to Optimize Amazon Product Listings

December 5, 2019

After spending countless hours researching and developing your brand and product(s), it’s finally time to start selling on Amazon and making some money! Or maybe you’ve been selling on Amazon but haven’t yet seen the uptick in sales that you’d like to see. Either way, congratulations on your dedication and entrepreneurship!

If you want to improve your product rank (and, therefore, sales) there are a few key areas that will need your immediate attention: keywords, content, and images.


AKA: Amazon Ranking Optimization. A-AKA: Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

This may seem like a no brainer but including the most relevant keywords to your product within your listing will help consumers find your product more easily. The caveat is: if you don’t know how to find the best keywords, your product may not rank as high and you will be missing out on potential customers and, therefore, sales! There are plenty of keyword research tools out there, especially ones that are specialized in Amazon-specific keyword research, so be sure to research and include all relevant keywords in your product listing, such as in the title, bullet points, product description and backend keywords!


Ensuring that your content is informative and visually-appealing with professional photography will help to draw customers to your listing and improve your click-through-rate (CTR). A strong title, five bullet points with key selling features (and keywords), and optimized A+ Content (also known as Enhanced Brand Content or EBC) with professional images and graphics will not only help to brand your product, but it will help to properly convey the added benefits and uses of the product for the customer. A+ Content allows sellers who have registered their brand with Amazon (Brand Registry) to opportunity to greatly improve their listings by creating a modular-style combination of text and images that help to best portray the functionality and/or benefits of the product.


When a customer searches for a product using a keyword, they are brought to an Amazon search engine results page that displays the most relevant – and highest ranking – products. In a modular format, each listing is shown with a large product image and part of the product title, which is why having professional photos taken of your product is so important, as customers are likely to click on products with eye-catching photos. Also, professional photos allow customers to see the product, its uses, and its differentiators from competitor products. If a seller is using images that are low-resolution or don’t show the added benefits and functions of the product, the customer may not be enticed to purchase.

The ZQUARED Advantage

When clients work with ZQUARED, they are able to collaborate with a specialized team of Amazon experts that help to enhance their brand through white hat practices. Should any issues arise that are specifically related to the Amazon marketplace, our team is able to quickly and efficiently find solutions by contacting our Amazon account representative, an exclusive perk which may not be available to individual sellers. 

ZQUARED uniquely helps clients to optimize all aspects of their product listings to enhance product rank and sales. We assist clients with keyword research, content optimization, and graphic design for images and EBC. Our specialized keyword research allows us to identify the most relevant keywords for each specific product, which we then incorporate throughout the product listing. This process helps the product to organically rank higher since the keywords that have been incorporated into the listing are highly-searched, relevant words to the product.

We are also able to create aesthetically-pleasing EBC, which has been shown to increase sales conversion rates due to the website-like and infographic-style format. With a visually and textually based design, EBC allows all types of learners to quickly and easily understand the product features, while showcasing the product and it’s uses in a visually-appealing manner.

For more information on how ZQUARED can help ensure your brand’s consistency by removing duplicate listings, contact ZQUARED today at 234.978.2733.


Our company was born from a service mindset. Our passion is helping you navigate the online retail space in a way never before imagined. With years of industry-leading experience selling on Amazon, our team’s primary goal is helping you achieve success. We have solutions for managing all aspects of the Amazon platform: design, fulfillment, product listings, enhanced brand content, headline and sponsored ads, MAP violations, and even social media marketing. Though understanding all aspects of this sales channel can be overwhelming, we break down every aspect of your brand and what you will need to increase sales on Amazon.