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  • 10+ Years selling on amazon
2 Minutes On What Makes Us Unique

Things Have Changed

The landscape of the Human Nutrition and Health space is rapidly changing, and Amazon is impacting your business in many ways. Multiple entities are selling your product, some who are unknown and some who are breaking MAP. Your competition has a strong Amazon presence and is gaining market share. You’re trying to figure out how to meet the growing demand for products sold on Amazon without negatively affecting your brick-and-mortar business.

Do you know how to leverage Amazon to grow – and even protect – your brand and bottom line? Do you know how to assess whether you are winning or losing the Amazon game?

Our Expertise Becomes Your Strength

ZQUARED started as a nutritional supplement company more than 10 years ago. We learned how to master the art of selling supplements and health devices on Amazon. Today, we are a leading Amazon agency for Human Nutrition and Health companies, managing brand presence, logistics, sales and advertising on Amazon.

We Know

the unique challenges

you face on Amazon, and we know how to provide proven solutions you need to grow your business.

We Work Closely

with your business

to rapidly optimize your company profile, elevate the professional copy and imagery for your brand, and create the infrastructure for your products to rank higher when your target customers search for your products.

But ZQUARED Does More Than That

We use our years of experience growing Pet and Animal Health brands on Amazon, and apply them to every aspect of your Amazon business.

we standardize


by helping you identify and remove MAP violators

we promote

Your Products

by using our own money to advertise your products

we increase


by speaking the language your consumers want and need to hear


“ZQUARED has done a phenomal job with Freeze Sleeve on various fronts, from educating us on the Amazon platform to onboarding of our product and content, and keeping us up-to-date on each step of the process. The entire team is amazing, and we are excited to build on what we’ve created so far in 2018.”
Jon Peteson
“From the first day, ZQUARED has shown incredible agility and was integral in making our brand available on Amazon. It has been great working with a small, but highly capable team, in a sea of Amazon re-sellers. ZQUARED took the time to understand the most important parts of our brand to make sure it was reflected in our listing and strategy from the beginning. They continue to provide great insight for Amazon growth and strategy as we continue to increase our sales on Amazon.”
Josh Haskins
Assoc. Director of Sales
“The work that ZQUARED has done for our Amazon 3P business is impressive. We started working with them in 2015 and they were instrumental in cleaning up our Amazon channel and optimizing our listings. As a small business finding such a great partner who is knowledgeable about amazon .com on multiple levels was a huge help. They know how to navigate an ever-changing sales environment, and our sales have increased significantly as a result.”
Spring Faussett
Owner & Founder
Our Human Nutrition & Health Managing Partner

Chad Cornett, Co-Founder of ZQUARED

Since 2010, our brands have been our #1 priority. We have proven that with our lifetime seller feedback of 100%. ZQUARED’s seasoned team provides solutions to manage all aspects of the Amazon platform: design, fulfillment, product listings, enhanced brand content, headline and sponsored ads, MAP violations, and even rogue seller identification.

Applying his deep knowledge of the nutrition and health supply chain needs, distribution and marketing, Chad and the ZQAURED team have connected some of the biggest brands in Human Nutrition and Health with ZQUARED to drive new sales and brand positioning across channels.

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