Having a Hard Time Finding a Quality Amazon Retailer?

September 16, 2019

If your company is having a difficult time finding a retailer to sell your brand on Amazon, then look no further. ZQUARED is a unique company that has a strong history of results growing brands on Amazon. Through comprehensive planning and proactive management, ZQUARED is committed to helping your company become successful.

By investing, tracking, and reporting, ZQUARED is a company you can trust to maintain a high quality relationship with your company.

Investing in Your Product

ZQUARED is committed to your brand and company. The team of professionals at ZQUARED has years of experience growing brands on Amazon. They work to fully understand your brand, your goals, your market, and passion for your product. They seek to empathize with every brand’s story and entrepreneur’s journey.

ZQUARED is so committed to your success that it actually buys your inventory and works to create the best marketing strategy to make your brand successful on Amazon. Fully investing in your product ensures that ZQUARED is dedicated to your product and will do whatever it takes to help you succeed. Our team of experts analyze potential risks concerning your brand and create an advertising strategy that has your long-term growth in mind.

Tracking Your Product

ZQUARED is a high quality Amazon retailer because they track every part of your product’s journey. The team tracks your products Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) 24/7 and keeps you up to date with every step of the Amazon process. For example, the ZQUARED team focuses on contacting you of any MAP violations in which companies are selling their product below the agreed upon minimum amount.

Additionally, the ZQUARED team notifies you immediately of any rogue sellers that are trying to sabotage your product by selling a counterfeit product by using your Amazon listing. Through preventative measures and around the clock tracking, you can be sure that your product and listing will be protected with the help of the ZQUARED team.

Reporting Real Results

One of the most unique features that make ZQUARED one of the most highly sought Amazon retailers is their proprietary live portal that reports 24/7 real results for your brand. From reporting product sales, orders, and returns, you can track your progress and make adjustments in real time. This live portal creates a transparent relationship between your company and ZQUARED and is built on a foundation of trust and dedication to your brand.

It is rare that retailer company’s report live results 24/7. At ZQUARED, you are assured that there is honesty and commitment throughout the entire process of growing your brand. Through extensive research on your brand’s market, potential risks, and competitors, advertisements and product listings are tailored to be highly competitive and effective on the Amazon market. Because the team is invested in your product, you can be sure that adjustments and refinements are made in accordance with the incoming data from the live portal.

ZQUARED is Committed to Your Brand

At ZQUARED, the team of experts dive in to get to know you and your brand. Don’t be surprised if they hop on a plane to visit you personally, on their dime! This comprehensive approach is what makes them a recognized Amazon retailer. They care about every detail of your story, your product, and your goals.  With years of experience selling successful products on Amazon, and an industry-leading feedback rating, you can feel good about a partnership with ZQUARED – because they help you achieve your goals and grow your brand on Amazon.