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Our Brands

Ascent Protein

“From the first day, ZQUARED has shown incredible agility and were integral in making our brand available on Amazon. It has been great working with a small, but highly capable, team in a sea of Amazon re-sellers. ZQUARED took the time to understand the most important parts of our brand to make sure it was reflected in our listing and strategy from the beginning. They continue to provide great insight for Amazon growth and strategy as we continue to increase our sales on Amazon.”

– Josh Haskins

Freeze Sleeve

“ZQUARED has done a phenomenal job with Freeze Sleeve on various fronts, from educating us on the Amazon platform to onboarding of our product and content, and keeping us up-to-date on each step of the process. The entire team is amazing, and we are excited to build on what we’ve created so far in 2018.”

– JP – COO

Tiger Tail USA

“The work that ZQUARED has done for our Amazon 3P business is impressive. We started working with them in 2015 and they were instrumental in cleaning up our Amazon channel and optimizing our listings. As a small business finding such a great partner who is knowledgeable about amazon .com on multiple levels was a huge help. They know how to navigate an ever-changing sales environment, and our sales have increased significantly as a result.”

– Spring Faussett-Owner

Featured Client: Tiger Tail

As a worldwide leader of muscle recovery products, Tiger Tail could choose from any Amazon reseller. They chose ZQUARED.

Working together with Tiger tail, ZQUARED created beautiful and high-conversion product pages while investing in targeted advertising to Tiger Tail’s targeted audience. The result: 30%+ annual growth…and a lot of healthy muscles!

Featured Client: Sovereign Silver

Sovereign Silver is the #1 selling silver brand in North America and also sold in Europe, Canada and the UAE.

With a worldwide market of customers on Amazon, Sovereign Silver partnered with Zqaured to sell its leading line of products.

The result are impressive – consistent, accelerated sales.

Featured Client: Dr. Mercola

As a world-recognized leader in health information and natural product development, Dr. Mercola has created a leading brand of natural products.

For his important Amazon account, Dr. Mercola chose ZQUARED. Creating dozens of detailed and precision-efficient product pages, sales jumped and have never looked back!


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