Amazon Ad Bid Management

July 6, 2019

In the ever-changing world of Amazon, ZQUARED continually strives to be on the leading edge of leveraging technology to launch and grow brands, and maximize market share for your brand. One of the technologies on the leading edge is a more robust ad bid management tool for Amazon merchants.

What is Ad Bid Management?

ZQUARED has recently moved to a data driven, machine learning ad bid management system for all of our advertising campaigns.  This decision has vastly improved our ad spend efficiency and brand growth strategies across the board. It has helped us find the sweet spot quicker and more efficiently.  Instead of trying to manually manage thousands of bid changes on keywords, we build our campaigns after extensive keyword research. This helps us find the “best” keywords for your products.

In any category, there are keywords that have high volume, but if we get too aggressive, we see unqualified non-buying traffic that drives costs up, lowers conversions and ends up being an unworthy target. With our machine learning bid management, we identify these types of keywords almost immediately and fix them. This saves money, enabling us to use the savings to aggressively target keywords that work. The result is we ultimately grow your brand on Amazon.

Additionally, we do supplemental keyword targeting and research to provide our machine learning a chance to evaluate more options for us to grow your ad sales.  If we are significantly below what we want to spend, and what we expect to spend to drive sales for your brand, we immediately put actions in place to expand our reach.

ZQUARED Helps Your Company Grow Through Technology and Experience

ZQUARED has the expertise your company is looking for to make your brand soar on Amazon. The team of professionals at ZQUARED has years of experience growing brands on Amazon. They take the guesswork out of trying to figure out what it takes to make your brand grow, and know what pitfalls you should avoid to reach success.

Creating potent and revenue-producing ad management campaigns is yet another service that sets ZQUARED apart.

ZQUARED understands the common mistakes made by many reseller companies, and helps you avoid them by investing in your company and your product. In the competitive world of Amazon, you need the expertise and partnership ZQUARED provides to be successful. Call them today at 234-ZQUARED (978-2733) to learn more.